With the Seed 2 Table Careshare program enjoy 18 weeks of delicious veggies while supporting NATASHA House at the same time

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About Seed 2 Table's Careshare Program

NATASHA House uses organic methodologies to grow beautiful produce for the Careshare members that have purchased a 18 week Careshare" (also known as a produce subscription.) Each week during the 18 week season, we assess our garden and harvest the crops that are at their peak and ready to be picked. This harvested ultra-fresh produce is then picked up by our Careshare members on designated dates and times each week during the harvest season. Our 18 week harvest will begin sometime before mid-Jun, weather permitting, and run thru the end of Nov.

To ensure the freshest produce, we will only harvest one hour prior to your designated pick up time. After completing your registration, you will be emailed to designate your desired weekly pick up date. Pick ups will be: Thursdays 10 am - 6 pm, Fridays 10 am - 6 pm, or Saturdays 9 am - noon.

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